Special care for special pets.

Gary & Stephanie Deiters

Pets are very special members of our families. That is why Deiters Funeral Home & Crematory professionals are dedicated to the care of the “non-human family members,” our pets. We know that the death of any family member is difficult, and we are here to help. Deiters Pet Services & Pet Crematory is dedicated to companion animal cremation and burial. Because we understand the love and companionship a pet can bring, you can be assured that your pet will always be treated with dignity and respect.

  • Why choose us?
    • Locally Owned And Operated by Gary & Stephanie Deiters
    • Reputation for caring within the community
    • Cremation completed in 24-48 hours in our on-site crematory, designed exclusively for pets
    • Professionals experienced in dealing with grief & bereavement
    • Focus on personal care
    • Reputation for caring in our communities.
    • All pets get the same level of care, regardless of size

      Private viewing room for time to say goodbye before the cremation or for your vet to use for euthanization whether you use our crematory or not.

      Meet our grief therapy dog, Otter, a black lab.

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